Pacific Council Sun Valley Global Affairs Forum

Last year was the inaugural year for the Pacific Council Sun Valley Global Affairs Forum, and what a year it was with speakers covering topics from Politics and Power in the Social Media Era and The Fight Against Jihadi Terrorism to Nuclear Proliferation to Issues Surrounding the Mexican-American Border. We are excited to announce the PCSV Global Affairs line-up for 2012, which will begin in May and run through October. The topics for this year’s series include:

  • Global economics / U.S. Economics
  • Cyberterrorism / Cyberwarfare
  • Russia
  • China
  • Iran/Israel conflict
  • The Arab Spring in Syria / Global humanitarian efforts

As you see, the list of topics for this year’s forum is highly relevant when you consider the pressing issues facing us today. Dates and topics are subject to change depending on speaker availability and breaking news events. Please contact SFP Studio if you would like more information on the dinner/discussion series membership.

We are excited to build on the success of last year’s event. Please join us for the 2012 series for some big talk in a small town.

16th Annual Members Weekend

Recognized widely as the West Coast’s premier foreign policy forum,the Pacific Council’s Members Weekend is our signature annual event. With a format designed to be deeply engaging to all participants, this invitation-only summit convenes more than 250 business, government, civic, and academic leaders from around the world to analyze and debate the most important global policy issues of our time. The Weekend combines the best of all worlds: high-level policy addresses, lively discussion and debate, and opportunities to meet and interact with peers and colleagues against the backdrop of stunning sunsets and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

November 18-19